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New Brunswick
Chester Copper
The Chester Copper Property was formerly known as the Clearwater project and located about 15 miles to the southwest of the former Heathe Steele Mine and about 35 miles northwest of Newcastle was discovered by Kennco Exploration in 1955. The ore...
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Chester West
The Chester West property was acquired by Brunswick in March 2014 by staking and consists of      2 claims comprising 50 units for a total of 1,110 hectares. The Property is located in the Northumberland County, 70 km...
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Abitibi Gold
Target Model Kerr-Addison Mine System (produced over 10 million oz Au) Large alteration system of the Abitibi Gold Property, typical of the Kerr-Addison Mine. Mineralization Airborne survey covering the Abitibi Gold Property and the...
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Irčne Lake

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